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3 easy steps

to finding your perfect Electric Vehicle:


Use our visualisation tool to discover the perfect EV for you. You can look at many models, and configure them to suit your needs.


Contact us to book a test drive. We can help arrange a test drive of most electric vehicles that are currently on the market. We’ll ensure it’s at a time and location that suits you.


Once you have decided on the vehicle you want, we’ll help you buy or lease it at the best possible price. We can match you with new or used vehicles from dozens of EV partners. And we can advise you about energy packages and charging solutions.

Visualise your EV

It’s great to get an idea of what your dream car will look like. Use our visualise tool to check out colour and wheel options.


Book Your Test Drive

When you are ready to try an EV for yourself, we can arrange a test drive for you. We also host events all over the UK to demonstrate the benefits of going electric, and test drives are available at many of these. Click here to find an upcoming event near you.


About Us

Try EV was founded with a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Amid growing concern around the impact of the internal combustion engine on our environment and air quality, we saw the need to help individuals and businesses understand how brilliantly EVs can meet their needs and save them money.

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About EVs

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Why EV?

Electric cars have a host of benefits that we discuss here.

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