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Kyburz Erod


Beth Lily

The erod is a car that you can’t help but fall for the moment you climb into the driving seat: An 100% electric sports car designed purely for raw driving pleasure, on the road as well as on the track.

Despite the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind car, it’s fairly elusive and not yet a name that even those in the UK EV community have necessarily heard of… yet.

Made in Swizerland by Kyburz AG, the erod is an unique road-legal sports car that is perfect for drivers seeking a powerful electric drive and a vehicle designed for handling.

Also available as a self-build, the erod will have huge appeal to the kit-car community as it is the only electric car on the market at the moment that can be purchased as a kit. As the system works on a low-voltage, it is safe to be built by anyone, not just the pros.

Technical spec (Road-Legal “Fun” Version):

  • Weight (including battery): 600kg
  • Battery: 17.3kWh, 96V/200Ah
  • Power: 45kW/140Nm
  • Range: 183km
  • Top Speed: 120km/h

Plus, the erod packs a serious punch when you put your foot down, accelerating from 0-80km/h in just 4 seconds. We expect to see a lot of these cars at UK circuits for experience days, especially as electric cars give circuits the opportunity to monetise their required “silent” days.

In fact, with the possibility of race-spec versions on the horizon, we have high hopes to see a motorsport series in the future. With the right tyres they really drift well too, if that’s your thing.

Kyburz AG is an SME founded in Switzerland in 1991 by owner and CEO Martin Kyburz. The company design and produce electric vehicles for industrial and delivery purposes, as well as for commercial use. 11,000 + Kyburz vehicles are currently in use around the world, with the best-known model being a delivery vehicle for the postal service.

Their philosophy is: To develop products that have a positive impact on people and the environment.

We’ve been lucky enough to experience driving the erod in Swiss and Belgian cities, across winding Swiss landscapes, and on a handling circuit in Germany. It’s definitely an EV experience like no other. As huge fans of this car, we are incredibly excited to be bringing the first ever erod into the UK and will be part of the team demonstrating the car over the next few months in lots of different locations.

The erod making its UK debut next week will be a left-hand drive, with the first right-hand drive model (Serial number 001) going to the very first official erod UK customer in 2018. Pricing is still to be announced, with the car available fully-built or as a kit.


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